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        Fees are not quoted over the telephone or by e-mail, because each case is different, and the fees for one area of practice (family law) may differ from another (probate).  In every case, the legal fees, costs and expenses depend upon a variety of factors, including the complexity of the legal problem, the anticipated time and effort that a matter will require through completion, and the need for additional services, such as expert witnesses, document imaging, court costs and filing fees, or deposition testimony.

        Consistent with the State Bar of Arizona's ethical requirements, the Firm requires its clients to enter into a written Fee Agreement for advanced fees and costs, which often is referred to as a retainer.  Those client funds are maintained in the Firm's IOLTA account, a trust account, until the client's fees are billed.  

        The purpose of the Fee Agreement is to clarify legal billing procedures and to prevent fee disputes.  The Firm's Fee Agreement is a multi-page document that provides detailed information regarding the Firm's billing and client retention policies.

        The reality surrounding a legal matter is rarely as simplistic as it appears.  Normally an assessment of such situations is not realistic without a consultation with Ms. Kirby.

        The Firm does not offer free consultations.  Please contact the Firm's staff to discuss consultation fees or to schedule an appointment.